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London-based painter Arlette creates oil paintings, lino prints, and digital animations, working primarily in monochrome—either in black and white or shades of a dominant colour.

Her works centre on the complexities of motherhood as a social and psychological phenomenon.

She graduated from Camberwell College of Arts MA Fine Art Digital in 2019 (distinction) where she also earned the university’s Liberalis Prize.

She has exhibited as part of a group (Camberwell space Gallery, FiliA Conferences 2018 & 2017, Holy Art Fair London 2023), and in a solo exhibition at la Galerie du PopUp! in September 2022.

Discover more at and on Instagram @arletteartist

My work reflects on and questions our perception of motherhood. 

When I had my first child in 2015, I faced the contradiction between my idea of motherhood - a fixed, built-up image in my mind - and the actual experience of it. 

Was the image of motherhood flat for everyone else around me and if so, why? 

To answer this question, I explore the origins of Western motherhood imagery through historical sources and current research, embedded in artistic practice.

Through lino printing, I look inward and reflect on key childhood moments spent with my grandmothers (French and Syrian) and mother. When I work in monochrome, I am trying to strip back distractions to unravel the contrasts and contradiction between the internal and external worlds. 

I look into the relationship between society and the individual, ie. how we constantly interact with and shape our external environment. As mothers, we arrive with preconceived often pressurising notions of our role. I am trying to build an alternate story of motherhood - a truthful one - told by those who experience it, whilst leaving space for aesthetic contemplation. I measure my experience with that of others, specifically dealing with feelings of isolation and wonder. 

Motherhood is both incredibly intimate and exposed. There is an outer world that we used to be part of and from which we withdraw when we have children. I invite my viewers to contemplate the complex story of this experience, and to reflect on its pain, guilt, and immeasurable love.

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Exhibitions & Fairs

Holy Art Fair 2023 (London)

POPUP! Galerie (Paris) - September 2022
La Chouette et La Croix

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